KU Graduate Programs

    This page includes information on official program and subplan options, locations, deadlines, and links to program websites. The location selection is optional. Make sure to hit “Search” after entering information on your program of interest in the “Search programs” box below. A program will be returned in the search if its name or subplan name is in the search term(s). Click on “View Deadlines” to see deadlines for each term, degree types, campus, and subplan names.

    If a program has both a priority and a final deadline, submit your application for admission by the priority deadline to guarantee that it's reviewed for admission, and considered for any funding opportunities that may be offered by your program. If you submit after the priority deadline, your application will be considered for admission if any program openings remain available. If a program has only a final deadline, submit your application by this date to guarantee it's considered for admission. Applicants requiring immigration documents are encouraged to apply as early as possible for all programs.

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